Candy Banners is a digital ad
banner development studio

We create playful & beautifully produced banners utilizing the latest
technology trends. Having worked with some of the biggest brands in
the world we ensure a quality and rapidly delivered product for
advertising companies & direct clients.


Silky smooth multi-browser
compatible standard and rich ad
units, all to spec, utilizing only
the latest HTML5, Javascript &
CSS3 libraries.

  • HTML5 Javascript / CSS
  • FLASH AS2 / AS3
  • Rich Media, Expanding, Takeovers
  • YouTube Mastheads
  • Doubleclick, Mediamind

Mobile & Tablet

We are pioneering the latest
technologies such as Geo
localisation, gyro technology,
dynamicly generated content
and much more.

  • HTML5 Javascript / CSS
  • WebGL / Canvas Animation
  • Integration with Doubleclick, etc.

Digital Displays

Digital displays and screens.
Take your brand to the next level
with some bomb After Effects
& Cinema 4D motion graph skills.

  • Motion Design
  • Video Editing & Post-Production
  • 3D Modeling & Animation
  • Kinect & Mobile Integration